Catholic Reflections

The Catholic Church was founded on the Apostle Peter when Jesus said, "You are the Rock, and upon this Rock I will build my Church." Some may argue against this, but if you reject the Catholic Church in favor of interpreting the Holy Bible as you see it, you will indeed build up a system of doctrine based on the Holy Bible, but it will be false. For God has entrusted authority to His Church, which He founded, and He ensures that what His Church teaches will not lead anyone astray.

Maybe you see something false in many Catholics. Yes, many Catholics do not remain true to their Catholic faith, but go off to believe as they choose, while still claiming to be Catholic. However, many people outside the Catholic Church think they see something wrong in Catholicism when in fact, it is they who are wrong and they who have misinterpreted the Holy Bible.

While you may think that all sins are forgiven by God if you just believe in Jesus and repent, that is not quite correct, and those who practice such beliefs will not likely enter into the Kingdom of God. For the Catholic Church is the Ark of Noah, and those who leave her or do not enter in and remain in her are like those who were washed away in the Flood.

Only those who receive the Body and Blood of Jesus at Catholic Mass in a state of grace can have a spiritual Life. And this is the hidden Kingdom on the earth. Only those who have a spiritual life in this world will have Life everlasting in the next.

Eric R. Dunstan

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Read the My Judgement Before God, a Catholic near death experience of Doctor Gloria Polo, who saw herself judged and condemned by Jesus for mortal sin but was given a second chance because a poor farmer prayed for her in his poverty, not knowing her at all, and she did not completely die, but survived and is now a devout Catholic. This was translated from Spanish to English by Susanna Vallejo.

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